Excellence in Products and Services

Discover the pinnacle of quality with Aether Vaults and Stellar Foam. Experience excellence in every detail, engineered to elevate your projects to new heights

Concrete Polymer Vaults

Introducing our groundbreaking product: Concrete Polymer Vaults. Crafted with a precise blend of gravel, sand, resin, and fiberglass fabric, our innovative process delivers unmatched strength with minimal weight. Discover the future of construction with Concrete Polymer Vaults.

Composite Handholes

Our manhole boxes and underground telecommunication vaults cater to a wide array of fiber optic, electrical coaxial, and other requirements for the fiber broadband, communication networks, and municipal utilities industries. Aether Fiber enclosures are groundbreaking, being lighter than competitive options, and their side panel design allows for stacking, maximizing cost-effective shipping.

Enclosure Boxes

Enclosure boxes from Aether Fiber are tailored fiber protection solutions crafted for network expansion and accessibility, including fiber installations in parkway and greenbelt applications. These boxes address the unique fiber, coaxial, and copper requirements of the broadband, telecommunications, and utilities sectors, offering years of maintenance-free service and superior environmental protection for buried network components.

Fiber Pedestals

Aether Fiber Pedestals offer economical solutions for FTTP (Fiber To The Premise) & FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks. Aether Fiber pedestals ensure accessible, dependable environmental shielding for fiber networks or any outdoor infrastructure needs.