Monopole Tower Design

We are a wireless tower solution provider that specializes in custom designed monopole towers for your telecommunication and wireless needs. We have the skills and experience to design and deliver monopole towers that fit your project specifications and requirements, while offering the best value and performance. Our custom designed monopole towers are suitable for the city of tomorrow, where wireless connectivity is essential and ubiquitous. 

Our monopole towers can be configured and tailored to fit any site, terrain, and environment, and can accommodate multiple carriers and technologies. With our fast and efficient turn around times, ranging from 60-70 days, you can rest assured that your monopole tower project will be completed quicker and under budget, without compromising on quality and safety. We have a proven track record of monopole tower design that is simple and cost-effective. Our engineering team will work with you to create the right monopole tower design solution for your needs, taking into account your objectives, preferences, and constraints. 

4G and 5G Small Cell Towers

Aethers fabrications. offers a variety of structures for the broadband and wireless telecommunications industry, catering to different needs and demands. Whether you need a monopole, a Smart Cell Tower, a 4G Tower, a 5G Cell Tower, a Light Pole, or a Small Cell Tower, we have the solution for you. We also offer the accessories, brackets, and hardware needed to construct your tower structure, including Stellar Foam®, an inert plastic, closed cell, water blown foam that is used to set power poles for utility companies and fence posts for residential and commercial projects.

Aethers fabrications. is your trusted partner for all your wireless tower needs. Contact us today and let us help you with your monopole tower project.

Galvanized Lids

Our products are designed and tested to the highest quality to ensure their strength and durability.

Class 22 driveways, parking lots and off-road applications experience unexpected heavy vehicle traffic. After being manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel A36.  Designed for off-road locations where occasional h-20 wheel loads are present.

We offer a variety of steel fabrication services, including plasma cutting, bending and milling, with certified welders on staff. We provide design support to reduce your costs and provide products that best suit your needs.
We want more than just a satisfied customer. We want to be your trusted advisor. Our goal is to provide you with smooth processes, timely responses and accurate information, as well as quality products at competitive prices.

Highway Sign Structures

Road signs, road sign structures: traffic characteristics and road safety

Aether Fabrications . is a leading manufacturer of highway signal structures and safety systems used on roads, highways and intersections. Road signs guide travelers along the road, putting safety first. Aether Fabrications.  uses cutting-edge engineering materials and high-quality steel in the construction of road sign structures.

At Aether, we design single and double cantilever plate structures using high strength tubular steel at our facility in Texas. Our engineers ensure that traffic sign structures are designed to your exact specifications and comply with state and federal regulations.

Custom Design and Engineering

We offer a variety of services, from plasma cutting to bending and milling, with certified welders on staff. We can assist you with design suggestions to reduce costs and provide a product that best suits your needs. Our goal is to make sure everything goes smoothly for you because we want more than just a happy customer. We also want to be seen as a trusted advisor, able to respond promptly with the right information and then provide quality products at competitive prices.